What can I do to get him now?

The guy I like hasn't talked to me in a month, ever since I turned down an invite to a party. The month he texted me daily, I stayed in every Friday night, so he probably thinks I'm boring. Just two weeks ago I texted him "Hey" and he ignored it.. Now, as of yesterday, he's dating his little cousins best friend... How do I get him to like me again?


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  • Simply talk to him a lot, and spend time with him.

    Always initiate texts or calls to get his attention.

    • I don't see him. Not even in the halls, I'm sure he's taking the route to be with his girlfriend. I texted him once, he didn't respond. Would it be TOO creepy to text him again. He always talks about how creepy girls are, like his ex who texted him "Hey stranger" totally scared the sh*t out of him. I've been sending him snap chats and I feel like it's super duper creepy AF because I've sent him 4 that he hasn't responded to at all...

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