Did this convo go well or bad? Trying to rebuild her feelings for me.

Ok so I had an awkward moment with this girl and killed her attraction to me. She feels uncomfortable around me know. So I'm giving her space and occasionally texting her. Things are starting to become less awkward, but still I would appreciate opinions of how our conversation went. Thanks!

Me: Hi

Her: Hey what's up

Me: Not much. Have a good weekend?

Her: Yeah for the most part what about you

Me: It was OK. I went to a young life "party" last night. So lame haha

Her: Hmmm never been

Me: The power went out like an hour into it and I was trapped in the middle of a bunch of sweaty people :(

Her: :( mehhh

Me: What did you do over the weekend?

Her: Just went out on Saturday Friday we just kinda drank in my dorm with people a little

Me: How was that?

Her: Saturday was good. Except I pregamed in [other dorm] and almost got in trouble cause the campus police came in! So lucky.

Me: ha ha how did they know to come?

Her: They just patrol the building

Me: What are you doing this week?

Her: Ummm not sure hoping for classes cancelled tomo

Me: I know! I hate going to class.

Her: I have a test tomo :(

Me: What subject?

Her: Kinesiology. ha ha but stillll

Me: (Inside joke. I thought she would think it was funny. Maybe she didn't like it. Idk. One time we were kind of drunk and explained the entire anatomy of the human heart to me.) Do you need to know how the heart works? Cause I think you'll be fine if that's the case.

Her: Oh my goshhh

Me: Well I'm right, aren't I?

Her: No

Me: Yes

Then she didn't text back. I thought it was funny. Did I do something wrong? Or is it subconciously a good thing for me... Maybe helping make sure she doesn't friend zone me now? Also I'm writing her a song. I'm going to put it on YouTube and give her the link in a FB message. How can I fit that in too? I was also going to bring her a box of her favorite kind of cereal that she never gets to eat. Advice?


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  • I don't think you did anything wrong at all, and the inside joke thing was a great idea. Maybe it's just me, but it doesn't seem like she's putting that much effort into the conversation, so it makes me think she's not really into you?

    I'm all for people being open about their feelings, but if she already knows you like her, then the ball's in her court now, so writing her a song and bringing her presents is just going to pressure her, I think. I don't know your whole history, though.


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  • It doesn't seem like you did anything wrong. Personally, this girl doesn't seem to interested. Sorry to sound abrupt but even her messages seem like she is just responding just to be nice. This is not how a girl would typically text a guy they like. But I am begging you, PLEASE DO NOT WRITE A SONG FOR HER! This is will really make you come off as desperate and needy and girls hate that, as much as guys. I would say give it a few days to text her and bring up the last conversation, act like nothing happened. Good luck!

  • You can't make her like you. Move on if things don't get better.


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  • You didn't do anything wrong. It seems that she just run out of things to say.

    If you're writing a song for her, simply give it to her. You are a very creative guy for being thoughtful on how to attract women.