Can someone be subscribed to an online hookup/chatting website without even doing so?

Yes, I seen my boyfriend email account the other morning, it said at 8.37pm thank you for registering on locals lobby : username and password.. So I went out, keyed information in, had his zip code, city

But no picture.. I confronted him, he said HE NEVER EVER

SUBSCRIBED to it.. Is this possible? He was on dating site years ago as so was I, but never happened to me, but then asked my brother and he said yes, it's a possibility they got his information from other

Sites... Just curious on others thoughts!


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  • Possible in theory but you may also want to consider the possiblity that he's lieing.

    Most of us are rather careles with our information. We our names, birthdates often enough university or workplace into Facebook. They can get the area you live in from your ip adress once you visit any webite. And a lot of people enter their adress if they i.e do online shopping or complete surveys. If you're signed up with a web based email or use free programms like google calender, be sure they have programms to go through your stuff and filter you interests. What you need to remember when you use online services that are free is that you are the product.

    While companies say they don't give out this information too many do and even if they didn't they may have gotten hacked. Big internet companies know almost everthing about you, additonally to what I've said they know what websites you've visited before and based on all that they can produce a pretty accurate profile of you.

    That being said, I never heard of anything like that happening. So maybe just google the name of the website he was suppoed to sign up to and see what other people ay about it. If it happened to him it happend to other people too


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  • It must be that he's lying to you, or he must've clicked on some ad and it directly subscribed him.

    • An ad he clicked on too and set his username and his password also his city location of local hookup/Chats? As a guy view, is this possible? When I asked he said he didn't do it,he always "swears on his child"on things , I said SWEAR , he said he don't need too and won't !

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  • That is not possible. A website cannot take your personal information like email address and passwords, to make accounts for you.

    • I called website customer service , had him removed

      Knew username and password , they said he was removed.

      After he said he took him self off web site he said it would take up to 10 days to be complete off

      Well, when I told him I called their customer service and found out

      He said I've gone too far and he didn't do anything wrong then tells me he is tired of my questioning his privacy. I've been hurt before and trust FOR ANY MAN DIESNT COME EASY..

      Then I subscribed, unsubscribe never said 10 d

    • I'm sorry but I have no idea what you just said. Try re-typing that in English.

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