Is this relationship going anywhere?

I knew this guy for a month, so far we went out for a date, it was great, I keep hinting for the second date, but his job nature makes it difficult at times (he works in hotel, the shift keep rotating without prior notice sometimes). But he mentioned something about going out to a match together when his family will be out of town and invite me to stay over (the match will be over pretty late, I live quite far, he doesn't want me to travel alone at night, and both of us are depending on public transportation). So far for now, we texts each other everyday, he will reply my text within 1-2 minutes, and it will be minimum of 20 texts per day. We also communicate via FB webcam, today when I was on webcam with him, he called over his niece (he love this kid so much, she's only 2) to come and greet me over the webcam, and the other day he made that kid to greet me over the phone while we're talking. He tend to call me baby out loud too when his friend is in vicinity while we're on phone, and I'm pretty sure his friend knows that we're talking to each other a lot (he gave an idea for me to have breakfast with him and his friend the other day). But so far, he talked about being couple once and then I decided to wait a little bit, but when I changed my mind and hinted about it again, he behaves as if I'm being pushy, so I stop asking about this. Is it possible he just wants to take things a bit slowly? He hints a lot about making out (but if he's only after that, he could've made a 2nd date soon, just for that purpose, which he hasn't, he still insist on wanting to bring me to his house). And on the meantime, he texted me everyday and sometimes when I didn't reply back, he will sent up to 5 texts, asking why I am not replying him. Does he really likes me? How can I bring up that topic on being couple again? I don't want to be having sex with him when I'm not even his gf?

My friend told me that he's behaving as if showing off me to his friend, and he's being possessive over me, like not wanting me to go out alone and stuff just as if he's already my boyfriend. He's a decent guy, since the 1st day we met and text each other, he never speak dirty to me at all.


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  • He really does like you a lot though it seems like he's just taking things slowly and want to work his way towards making things official with you.

    • Yesterday we're texting he told me that he's not looking to get married soon (he said that at least not until for another 8 yrs) and he likes me a lot. I said to him that I'm not looking forward to marry soon either, I just got divorced, even me I would like to take things slowly then he said if I like him in the same way he did, we could be together... do you think it's a good idea? Do you think if I proceed, in future he could change his mind about not getting married in 8 years time?

    • If you can spend a lot of time with him, bond with him a lot (not sexual), and always contact him, then surely, he will change his mind and even marry you earlier than the 8 year time he set.

      Hang out a late. Go out to dates.

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