What should I text my roommate's brother?

So here's the deal. Over spring break, I went to my roommate's house for 10 days and now I'm head over heals for her brother. I have a feeling he's in the same boat. Here's what happened:

So he showed the two of us (my roommate and I) a pilot of a TV show he really liked, and I liked it so much I watched the whole season in two days. He was impressed and we got to talking about a bunch of TV Shows that we really liked, and my roommate went upstairs to Skype her boyfriend. We were down there on the couch for a few hours just talking and watching Always Sunny. We said good night and left. I knew I was falling for him when he walked down stairs shirtless to grab some clothes, and he smiled and me- and I got the biggest case of butterflies EVER. Anyway- another night, his friend came over and the four of use were sitting at the table craking jokes, and her brother was seriously looking at me the WHOLE time. I'm talking eye sex.

So the last night I was there, we were watching Pulp Fiction, then he decided to start me on Homeland. When we left he gave me a hug and said that he would be up to visit us soon.

So I've gotten his number from his sister (with her blessing) but now I don't know what to text him about. Please help! Sorry is so long!


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  • Just keep it simple with normal casual conversation about the TV shows you guys are into, or make a joke about something relevant that happened while you guys were all hanging out during spring break, ask when he's going to visit, etc... you just want to keep him interested, let him know your thinking about him. Don't try to make it too serious (thru text) or it might give a weird vibe.


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  • Sounds to me like you want to flirt? If you do then just go for it! Tease him about the time he was staring at you and things will pretty much get heated from there. Just a word of advice though, since it's early days *play nicely*

  • A good place to start would be the TV shows you talked about - since you share that common interest. Make sure he knows you liked meeting him and hope that he comes to visit his sister soon.


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