Is it strange to miss a guy you are not dating?

There's this guy at my job ( yes I like him but no were not dating) he makes everyday we work together so much fun. We tease each other and poke a bump into each other and he always includes me if conversations or when no one else does. We just get along so well but the days we don't work together I feel really bummed and I kind of miss him. I'm not sure what's going on with me. Is it normal to miss being with someone your not dating?


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  • hey darling its not strange because you spend a lot time with each other and that's why you miss him. that's so normal. hope you date soon by the way. x

    • Aww thanks I hope we do to xD and its nice to hear I though I was weird.

    • no darling your definitely not. its so normal!

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  • Its cause you like him and miss the attention. In the same situation with a girl at my work and she would say it all the time both inside and outside of work. We are in a rough patch that needs working on. lol


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