Am I playing this right with this girl?


I had a friend go out on a date with me to a steak/lobster dinner Thursday. She was stunned/baffled/impressed by who I was and so was i. . I dressed up very sharp, brought her flowers, opened every door. She was very into me by body language and said I did very well on our date. She mentioned going out Sunday, but I didn't follow through I was busy. I wanted to ask her out again this week, but just shot her an email to wake up.

Anyways. I am mailing her a gift basket to her work. It says- Thanks for teaching this "airhead" how to eat lobster properly Mikey. It comes with a plush bunny and some candies including airheads. (hence the pun)

I tried catching her today on her gmail at work but no response because she works at an office it can get like that.

Is the gift basked a great idea?

How do I take it if I get a response or if I don't get a response.

sometimes girls can be shy or caught off guard

any thoughts?

i've known her for 2 years,

her mom is missing and her grandma passed for Christmas she has no where to go for easter

i wanted to give her something to look forward to for Easter as well.


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  • A gift basket is way too try hard. You're being too nice in showering her with gifts. Treat her as a person, not as a princess.

    • makes sense0

      the gift basked was very inexpensive. it just comes with a bunny and some candy. now if I spent over $50 or $100 for it then I would say whoa calm down.. but I was figuring something small and simple to send at work is best.

  • might be a bit much after one date, but if she liked you getting all dressed up, id say go for it. HOWEVER I would ask her to the second date before sending the Basket

    Best of luck to you

    • thanks dude

      I should have been more specific. we've known each other for a long time. she actually cooked and baked me a cake for my birthday in November but her gram died in dec and she faded away for a while. so we are starting to talk a lot again. her mom has vanished or something so she's going through a rough time.

    • assuming you are, lets say, over 30? you should have nothing to worry about with your plans.