Will going on dating website make things worse with ex?

My question is if I go back on the dating website does that make my situation better or worse details Below: I don't want to make him mad at me. Note he has called and texted but did not respond yet and he is on the dating website.

Details: I acted insecure and needy to my boyfriend of 3 months so he started acting distant. I text him I am sorry if I might have pressured him and I was going to give him breathing room. I meant this nice not mean not a break up I heard nothing from him which was strange so that night I looked at the dating site we met on and he was on there. I text him did you break up with me and not tell me and he said no you broke up with me with your breathing room comment. So I called and explained I didn't mean it that way he said it was a misunderstanding and he would go off there but he was also mad I looked on there. So after I thought about it a while I asked him if he wanted to be broke up and he said no but he wanted to slow things down because part of him wasn't sure how he felt about me anymore. I want him to be happy so I said it is okay we can break up I think your a great guy and you will meet someone you have no doubts about and I will meet someone who accepts all of me and wished him luck. I was very nice and calm and I haven't talked to him since or tried to contact him. It has only been 2 days happened Friday night. So I do want him to be happy but I am also willing to work on my flaws so I can be the girl that makes him happy. I am giving him space but I am wondering he is on the dating site should I go back on there or would that make him dislike me more? Or would be probably not care. I am not sure what to do but if in a guys opinion it would make it difficult for him I don't want to do it. If he doesn't care or it makes my situation with him better I would like to do it. I don't know what I should be doing help anyone?

break up was 3 days ago no one is really anwsering my question do I look like a wimp to not get back on or if I do get back on I will look like I don't care. I pushed the break up because he said he was having doubts there was no fighting or argument. We have never really yelled at each other.


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  • If you are broken up and want a new boyfriend..then yes, go on the dating site.

    • went on there and then he called that night and asked me out for the next night (tonight). Men are strange oh well going with the flow.

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