Will he ever want to date me again?

So, my ex and I broke up a week ago and also had a great relationship. We still hang out at times and like each other a lot but he's moving and we broke up so we can concentrate on our classes. Anyway we kinda have been still kissing and stuff but he just doesn't want to date. I want to be with him but he just doesn't want to put any stress on me because he's never moved before and he's scared and stuff. I just wish we never broke up.. I don't know what to do.. I just hope we bump into each other again.. and I actually signed up for the same college as him after my junior one.. funny thing is I didn't know he was going there this is his last year.. but this is my first one and I'm only going here for two years.. or 3..


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  • If you can spend a lot of time with him, and can even invite him to hang out with you often, then yes, he will date you again as he will grow to be closer to you over time.


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