Why did he stop texting me?

This guy who has been flirting with me over the past two months and he Suddenly stopped texting me. We used to text each other every evening for 2 or more hours, but now he suddenly stopped. When we meet in school, he still smiles and says hi, but it's been more than a week since I heard from him. A couple of days before he stopped texting me, I asked him whether it was true that he is dating another girl, he told me that he has been texting with one but that I shouldn't worry. He still texted me really nice stuff a couple of days after that, and then he suddenly stopped. I can't really ask him because it's been a week and I don't want to sound pushy. But it really makes me wonder, what happened?


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  • I do this sometimes to my crush. I usually message/text her daily, but sometimes I feel as if I'm talking to her too much and I worry I bore her.

    He's probably thinking the same thing.

    Is he the only one texting?

    • I don't think that this is the case, it's been a week already...he knows I am interested and he knows thatI wouldn't get annoyed...

    • Well otherwise he's just lost interest and moved on to this other girl. Although it's kind of unfair on his part to cut contact with you.

      If he ends up messaging back some time soon, ignore him. He ain't worth your time.

    • Yep you're probably right...thank you. I think this is very unfair as well, especially because I told him he should tell me if it gets more serious with this other girl and he was like "yeah, of course, I'm not a jerk".

  • he found another chick... sorry.

    • Yeah you're probably right. Thank you, I guess I knew that already but I just didn't want to believe it.

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