In dating, is it really that bad of an idea to keep your options open?

I just saw a couple questions on here today, about that.

And, I was just wondering is really THAT bad to not commit

to one person, right away?

I get this news letter from this love advice expert and

she talks about women "circular dating". Which, is

basically a woman dating or accepting dates from

a bunch of different guys, until one guy makes a commit,

to her and only her. So, if it's acceptable for women to do that,

why isn't it okay for guys?

Now, Obviously if you've been dating someone for 2 months

and then decide to keep your options open, of course that's wrong.

But, if you're not ACTUALLY committed to someone, what's

wrong with going out and getting to know different people. Until, you

know for certain that ONE of those people is right for you?

Plus, if all parties are aware of each other and everybodies

honest about what's going on and knows what's to come in

the road ahead, is really that bad?


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  • Guys aren't going to commit until she's really showing she's worth it and in it... If she's distant and playing with a bunch of guys at once, she'll probably never land a commitment. It's fine to date a couple of people at a time when you're just meeting new people. Once you think you've found someone that might have potential though, you should drop the non contenders and stop dating frivolously. Why would you want to be distracted by guys you're not even into when you might have a winner interested, but not fully sold on commitment yet? Don't you think it takes some work to seal a deal, or are you under the impression that you're entitled to a commitment and if you don't have it you're not going to lift a finger to make anything happen? =S


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