The guy I really like won't even meet up with me and he said I was clingy, what can I do?

We never see each other, only text. He's really flirty with me but when I ask if he'd like to meet or go on a date he doesn't reply, he usually totally ignores the question! I don't confront him when he does it, I just say never mind and pretend like I'm not bothered, but it is so frustrating!

A while ago, after one of the few occassion we DID see each other (on a night out), he kept telling me how I'd be the perfect girlfriend and how he'd found a keeper in me. Then a few days later he just stops talking to me! Less than a month later he's telling me he can't meet up with me because he's going on a date! Then when I told him how I felt and that I was upset he said I was clingy!

I believe he's still worth the effort. Please somebody give me some advice!

We are both in our early 20s.

We have been texting each other for the past 6/7 months.

The last contact I had with him was the end of last week.


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  • Show him that you are not clingy, stop pursuing him. 6 months is such a long time, if you told him that you like him and nothing happen that means you should give this issue a break. He might reconsider but for that you need to stop pursuing.

  • Forget about the guy. Just don't bother. If you continue to make pressure you could get the realtionship- but you will get out of it being hurt. I've been there, done that. Just DONT DO IT! If he is interested he will look for you!