Does he like me? How do to deal with a shy guy?

The quick story is this: My friend has been talking about introducing me to a friend of hers recently. He friended me on Facebook and then we finally met this weekend at a party. He was super shy when we first met but we ended up going down into the basement where we talked for a while and then he ended up betting me a kiss for something. I lost so I kiss him.

We then made out for an hour before moving to my place where we made out all night and cuddled and talked. He was super sweet, kept kissing my forehead, etc. He said that he wanted to see me again (but couldn't this week because he was helping his Mom move) he gave me his number (and said something sassy about how he hoped I wasn't someone that continually texted him - which is why I think he isn't a big texter) and we talked a little but we're not talking constantly. I invited him over last night and he said he wasn't avoiding me he just had work to do (he works for NASA)

Does he really like me? Or would he be lying? He has only been in one real relationship in his life and is really shy. Would he say he wanted to see me again if he really did?

I tried texting him once but he wasn't super into it so I stopped because I didn't want to annoy him. My friends that know him say he is not a big texter at all (which is weird to me and probably why I feel he doesn't like me). He truly seemed excited to see me again but I'm nervous because don't most guys text you a lot when they like you? Should I ask him out then? I really like him and really want to see him again.



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  • He really does like you. He always wants to be close to you, even kissing your forehead so he really is that into you.

  • Yes he likes you. I don't know about the texting part. Guess he is not a big texter like you said.

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