Question about high school Prom can I switch dates?

So my high school prom is coming up May 31st and I have a date and it is a girl I asked as almost a last resort cause she is decent looking but not really my type but she wanted to go with me a lot more than I wanted to go with her, and I did not want to go alone while all my friends have dates, so I asked her. But now...

So now my question is would it be wrong or bad to switch my date? to this girl who is a grade 11 (one year younger) who is absolutely gorgeous, likes me and wants to go with me. But it would really upset the other girl because we already made table arrangements and all that extra crap.

So if I were to switch dates would it be morally wrong to or considered rude or is this something that is acceptable and has happened more often than I realize. Also the girl I have already asked would be very upset.

Has this ever happened to any of you? what was the result?

Also the grade 11 I want to go with is potential girlfriend material for me the girl I have asked already is not.


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  • Simply stick to that girl whom you first asked out.

    You've already made arrangements, and it must be hard for her to find any guys. It would also end up her not going to the prom.

    • Thanks for the advice man, I'm still not sure though you really only have one prom I don't want it to suck by going with a girl I don't like as much but I'm already in too deep I guess. *sigh*

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  • your stuck with the first girl if you already made plans with her you can't back out now

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