Cheating ex texts only on occasions

Ex cheated on me. We broke up. Were together for a few years.

It's been a year already since the break-up. He only texts me during occassions such as Christmas, birthdays, etc and asks how I'm doing and then the text dies shortly after a few exchanges.

What gives? Should I even respond next time he sends another well wish text?


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  • May I ask, do you text him without him texting first?

    • No. I don't text him first. He initiates all contact. I actually deleted him and all his friends off everything (fb, etc) after we broke up.

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      Over one year (but under 2 years) of a break-up isn't even at all too long. He isn't over you, believe me, and if you are over him just tell him you simply find his texts uncomfortable to deal with. Let him know he should only get into contact if he must, but these little "occasion exchanges" need to stop. The point here being you yourself don't understand why he would text, but then let it die down so shortly.

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  • It seems he just want to see if you're doing fine.

    • I guess that could be the case. But why would it matter? It didn't matter when we were actually together and he was cheating.

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  • It depends on you. If you feel the need to keep in touch with him then do respond but if you see there's no point and it's going no where then just don't.

  • I personally wouldn't respond, what's the point? Maybe if the break-up happened because of something else, I would go ahead and be polite, but he cheated. You don't owe him a response, haha.

    • Agreed. Except we have a lot of mutual friends. I'll eventually see him again. To be polite or not?

    • Oh yeah, crap. I probably still wouldn't respond, but I'm kind of an unapologetic bitch haha, so I'm not sure if I recommend it :P

      If you think he's the type to question you, like, "why didn't you reply to me?" once he sees you in person, then maybe just do it to avoid that hassle.

    • Well I haven't seen him and I don't intend to. But chances are, I probably will. Thanks for your feedback.