Should I Text Everyday?

Hey! So I met an amazing girl a few days ago. We're still in the "get to know you phase" and it's going wonderfully. Should I text her everyday? For the past few days we have had short convs everyday, and we've been going back and fourth with who texts first each day. We're taking it slow and I don't want to seem clingy / needy (even though I am a bit, lol). She always writes back, so I think she's interested also. Thanks in advance everyone!


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  • If she is texting you first sometimes I'd guess that she has at least some interest. I would suggest letting things continue as they have, it seems fine to me that you have been talking every day.

    • Awesome thanks, looks like I'll go ahead and text her then!

What Guys Said 1

  • Ask her out, sooner rather than later.

    Just remember when you're dating, that if you text her every day, that won't be enough for her. She will want *many* times a day.

    And in a few weeks, when that is annoying the t*ts off you, you will want to cut down to a more reasonable once a day, or even once every two days. And when that happens, she will freak the f*** out. She will think you're losing interest and don't like her any more.

    Better to manage her expectations early on. Don't give her the false impression that you're going to be texting her multiple times a day from now until the end of time.

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