Some online dating help/advice based on my crazy experiences?

i made an online dating account for fun last week since it's free and I had some interesting encounters, can anyone give me advice? new to the online thing and kind of hating it, frankly.

1) this guy messaged me first but he seemed kind of boring. like, he didn't really know what to say or wrote very short messages but kept responding. now it's getting longer between messages and he still hasn't asked for my number. does that mean he's not interested anymore?

2) this other guy messaged me and wrote a lot, seemed really into me and asked for my number. but it's been almost a week and haven't heard from him. what gives?

3) this other guy messaged me and we were messaging for a bit, then he got my number, texted me five min later. we texted a bit but it was kind of boring and he would double text if I didn't respond in less than ten minutes between messages. then he texted me AGAIN the next morning. he's probably desperate right? because he was REALLY clingy and we didn't even meet yet. so I didn't answer his second text the next day because I was actually in school at the time.

4) my approach to online dating is that I only answer messages to guys that are similar to the types of guys I would date in person based on my impression of personality, education, similar culture, etc. basically if he has my core values/criteria I answer (this just means similar culture, similar education level and not too weird and normal age)

5) this old (meaning 25 years older) guy messaged me that he "hopes to meet an adventurous girl like me"-that's totally a sex thing right?

online dating sucks to be honest. you get a ton of messages, but most of them are dead ends...either the guy fizzles out, or just wants sex, or isn't someone I would be happy with, or is very desperate.and then the people you like aren't always the ones who message you or if they do they could still flake on you. that's what happened to me.

i really made my account for fun.


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  • The one nice thing is, there is always someone else coming along online. The bad thing is, there is always someone else coming along online.

    It is hard to meet people when, the first time someone writes something that doesn't interest you, you start setting your mind on the next one.


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  • I would say go into it with an open mind, you never know who you could meet. If you decide to meet up with a guy always go to a public place and let a friend know you're going. I just went out with a guy I met online and it was a good experience.

  • I'm using one to make friends, so far so good. I'm actually hanging out with people.

    • how about my question?

    • It all be true. It makes online datingv predictable.

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