He kissed me but now is being all awkward ?

So I've been talking to this guy for a while now and we've hungout a few times. He's a tease but I am one too and I really like him. He never kissed me and we would joke about it after our dates and he'd say he didn't know I wanted him to and I'd say I did. And so we kind of had an agreement he'd do it soon if he wanted to because I wanted to. So we hungout recently at his new apartment. Watched a movie and talked and laughed. Then we started messing around, and he just turned in and kissed me. And things started to intensify and he went to take off my shirt but I stopped him and I said I wanted to keep my shirt on. He asked why and I said because I don't like the way I look so he continued to tell me I'm beautiful and he thinks I'm fine the way I am. But he respected my choice. So we went back to making out and touching and then he stops and looks at me and says he thinks we should wait. And I said alright. And he asked if I was mad and I said no because I wasn't. So then we went back to kissing and then we just cuddled and talked. And fell asleep. And before I left he walked me out and kissed me and told me to text him when I got home so he knows I made it. And I did and we said goodnight. So he didn't text me at all the next day. And then he text me and we talked, and still are. But I can't tell if he's being awkward or if I should say anything. Help ?


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  • So he didn't text you the next day. but the day after that he did and you guys talked. Right?

    I guess he's not being awkward at all. There's nothing awkward going on. :)

  • just go with it for now.

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