Something different/extra mile for the first date?

I've got a first date coming up with this girl I've been messaging. We were supposed to meet up a few weeks ago but she cancelled 2 hours before due to a family emergency, but she said she really wants to see me. I was planning to take her to the zoo but I want to go the extra mile and so something special yet subtle/casual. Any suggestions?


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  • Board a train without tickets and see how far you get. Pretend your a potential buyer for real estate, how cool does that sound? you can learn a lot about a person's preferences and personal style Take her to an animal shelter. Buy a dog that nobody else would ever want, she will see how loving and kind you can be. Go to the fish market and buy some fresh seafood. Demonstrate that your sophisticated enough to know that a fresh mullet needs to be clear of eye, still smells of the sea and has clean gleaming scales. Volunteer the pair of you to clean up a beach, or a park, she will see you as wanting to enhance the community you live in and aren't afraid to get your face, clothes and hands dirty doing it.

    The best part is, if she doesn't turn out to be your dream girl, at least you've had a productive day.


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  • You should simply settle down with getting to the zoo first.

    That's something you can work for a little while.

    If she seems interested, then you can go to a dinner date afterwards.

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