GIrl friend is sending mix messages at 3 months of dating. Can I get the spark going again/

Im 27 she's 18. I'm her first ever relationship. She hasn't experienced the ups and downs of a relationship before. She said herself she's confused about her feelings. She still says she loves me could not see her self without me. But she hinting at somethings changed, So I'm looking for ideas to help get back the spark or whatever you want to call it. Where not as lovey dovey any more where arguing somewhat. But where still in love with each other.


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  • Regarding the debate on age difference, I have to argue it becomes a component for consideration for situations like these. Simply put, she lacks experience and especially with an older guy (and ironicslly no experience with people more towards her age). I don't exactly know how this could be effecting your relationship with her though because you haven't given me much to work with.

    I think you two need to pick up again from your earlier encounters since you belive they were good. Be more attentive to her and arrange to do things you know you'll both enjoy. Simply put, you both need more alone time familiarising yourselves once again towards making each other happy.


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  • i don't think not expeiening ups nd dwns is a thing in itself. plenty of peoople get married or become exclusie in their firsrt relationship.

    You guys may just have different interests as far as relationships go.

    she may want something more casual.

    plenty if 18 year olds have serious relationships.

    i think blaming I on age or lack of experience- will veil w/e the issue is.

    tal to her. ask her what she thinks the problem is.

    u have to take her seriously as a partner. not as a kid with no experience. or you shouldn't be dating her.

    shes got experience with u. so she doesn't have 'no' experience.

    talk it out. see what you each want.

    dont try to white wash the truth by thinking of sparks. confront what is actually going on then work with that.

    • Thats the thing that what I been trying to do. I have asked her point blank, what's making her confused, but she doesn't know how to explain what she's feeling. I have asked her whether she still loves me and she has said yes. She just so flip flop.. I been trying to get her to explain what's changed. So I'm trying to spice things up hopefully get her mind of this.

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  • dont care as much. and 18 good work man

  • Thats a big age difference seems like you guys aren't really compatible

    • Age is only a number. We like all the same things going offroad, lifted dodge trucks, country music, same food, happy with the simple things. I can name off so much more. For anyone who says there age is a important factor its just a number. Except of course is she's under 18 then that's a whole different story. Her maturity level is higher than that of mine. She has her own place and fulltime job.

    • Oh wow alright like I'm in high school (senoir) and most girls who date guys like that are kinda dumb and thinkthey are socially above everyone. But yeah try to be spontaneaous with her do something taht you haven't done before, and if you can afford it save up and go on vaction that will definitely fix it, my girlfriend and I went to domincan with a few friends and our relationship was so good after that it was a good break from stress

    • thats the perfect age difference

  • Simply spend more time with her.

    Go out to dates again. Compliment her a lot.