Question About Dating this New Guy?

So me and my guy best friend decided to start dating. We are super comfortable with each other and slept with each other before we were dating like once a long time ago. But we were talking about us the other day and he says he wants to take it slow and not have sex even though last time it was great. I'm super happy being with him and I don't get why he wants to go slow with me (like not have sex) he never has ever taken it slow with any other girl he's dating. So why is he doing this and do I just go with it.


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  • I've done this he is doing it cause he really likes you above any girl he has been or at least that's what I did, he wants an actual relationship. Just go with cause when he wants the sex he's probably going f*** the sh*t out of you, but he may be just talking to show his ommit cause not having sex with a girl you have had sex with before is very very hard.


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  • Sounds like he really likes you and want a real relationship. He sees you more than just someone to have sex with. He wants this to be meaningful

  • It's because he doesn't want you to think that he's just seeing you for sexual reasons only.

    He wants to convey that he's really up for a relationship.


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