When a guy is dating multiple girls, how can he tell which one he really likes?

What would a guy fall hard for a girl vs other girls?

What if he is an introverted and used to be shy guy?


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  • The one he really likes is the one who he likes spending time the most.

    • As in dates/fun activities or as just chatting?

    • Whichever it is, as long as he's spending time on the girl, that's still counted as liking the girl over the others.

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  • What does dating mean in this case? If he's being sexual with multiple girls, his favorite is whoever is horny and most catering to his needs in that moment.

    If he's just hanging out trying to pick one, its complicated.

  • (My Opinion) He'll know which one to pick by, the one who shows that she won't leave his side no matter what bullsh*t he puts her through. A ride or die type female. That will hold it down with him.

    • That does hold it down with him? His difficult personality?

    • Yes.

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  • first of all, it it's legit dating, there shouldn't be "multiple girls"

    now, if it's non-committal, just going out on dates, that's totally different

    obviously I'm not a guy, so who knows how helpful I can be here

    but I say that it's going to be who he is himself the most with; who he is most comfortable around. the girl he is trying to spend the most time with.

    most good guys just want a girl who is herself, and is trusting, and who's gonna stick around and work through stuff when the going gets tough