I didn't know people could notice

so last 6 months I was going trough a rough period, I had a hard exam I failed and had to retake that I was so stressed with, and also I was dating a guy who wasn't being honest he was a bit shady etc and ended up ignoring me and suddently he was in a relationship with a old friend of his, than after a month they broke up and now he be liking my Facebook picture, and those things can bring a lot of stress...

But its been 5 months and all I've done is worked on myself I recently got a job in a top fashion store wich is amazing I never thought I would get it, and I've gone to the gym more often and I went on a date ,so I keep myself busy and mostly I please myself and won't let people walk all over me

and yesterday I was having dinner with two good friends and they both said we can notice how much better you are doing and you are so calm and we can notice, so I was like oh really :D


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  • Working on yourself pays in the long run. Other peple will find you more likable and will want to be with you...Don't pay much attention to people that ohly stress you, whatever they do or say.

    Other people notice you are free of stress before you do! This is always the case. They'll also notice quicker when you ARE being stressed too much.


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  • absolutely. we can only hide our emotions so much. look at people walking around next and just pay attention to their body language. Are the slouched, walkign slow, head down, not smiling? Are the walking with pep in their step, smiling, looking up?

    There clear signs to people, especially those who know us pretty well that you are doing OK. I can't remember the statistic but a very large part of our communication is non-verbal

  • Yeah, it's really good to have your life on track and get positive feedback which you didn't exactly ask for. But people do notice, that is if you have a good relationship with your friends. That seems to be one of the main things you've maintained nicely. In future always remember your positive outlook is important to make good decisions for your future and your friends are always there to support you. Keep it up!

  • Great! You seem to be on the road to success! Keep going this is the way to live life to it's fullest these are the moments to look back to when you are feeling down.

    When you live a good life you inspire others to live a good one as well, people want to hang around you, people want to be like you, you’re inspiration helps them.

    The biggest fulfilment comes when you can give back.


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