He gave me his number, when do I text?

I met this guy and we have been talking for a few days online and we have a lot in common. he gave me his number so when do I text him? I don't want to sound clingy but I want him to think of when I will text him? Any advice?


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  • Just flirt with him. It wouldn't at all come across as clingy since firstly, you are showing your interest and secondly, he hasn't been texted by you yet. Catch him while he isn't busy and flirt away!

    • He hasn't texted me because I haven't given him my number lol I have his.

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    • I think I got it. Just don't want to sound clingy even after I talked to him today.

    • All I can say is you can't be clingy since you haven't texted him yet. Why do you think you'll be clingy at all? I find it hard for anyone to come across as clingy while flirting, it makes no sense to me at all.

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  • Text him at midnight and say "Wake up surprise!"

    That would be awesome. Not clingy and very interesting.

    Do this only once, though.

    Actually, just text him at like 7PM and say "Hiii!"

  • Simply text him on how he's doing.

    Or simply send a good flirty line, something like "You're a very interesting guy".


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  • I would personally text him after about maybe 2 days of having his number. So that you won't seem clingy or despreate. Just random text him how your day was, or maybe you did good on your final exam (thats what I did) or just tell him how good your chipotle burrito was. Don't be too personal with your txt, you don't want him to think your too emotional in my opinion.

    All in all, just be careful if you met this guy online. You didn't say whether this was a school mate or a coworker so I'll just give you my two sense on that. You don't wanna get Cat Fished! Best of luck to you!