Is he just shy or waiting for me to text him? Should I? Does he like me?

Basically what happened was this:

My friend introduced me to a friend of hers recently. She had been talking about it for a while and then he friended me on Facebook. We finally met at a mutual friend's party. He was really shy when we first met. But we ended up going into the basement. We talked for a long while and then he betted me a kiss - I lost and we ended up making out for an hour and a half.

We then moved to my place where we made out all night and talked and cuddled. There was a BJ involved but I didn't let him return and he was insistant that he was not 'using' me. I loved everything about that night. He was sweet and kept kissing me on the forehead and saying I was cute and cuddling me. It was great.

At the end he said that he wanted to see me again and gave me his number. The preface to that, however, was that he was going to be helping his Mom move from Tuesday (ie. this past Tuesday) until Sunday so we couldn't see each other until after then. Ugh.

I don't think he's a big texter. When he gave me his number he said, "You're not one of those girls that are going to text me all the time, are you?" He was half joking but I feel like he really didn't want to have to text all of the time. Additionally, our mutual friend has known him for four years and says that she has probably never seen him text.

I tried texting him on Monday before he left and invited him over. He said that "he had work to do before he left and then needed to be up early. I am truly sorry. I swear I am not avoiding you."

I feel like I am getting mixed signals. He seemed to really like me and wanted to see me again - and that text seems about on par with that. However, I haven't heard from him since then! Is he just busy? Or really doesn't like me/was actually using me? Should I reach out to him? Or wait to see if he says anything when he comes back from moving?



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  • He's really genuinely busy.

    He really does want to see you again. It's clear.


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