Should I Keep Trying?

Ok need help on what to do in this situation because I am stuck.

I met this girl online, we started talking and eventually moved to texting and calling. After getting to know each other better we decidee to go out on a date.

We went on the date and everything went great it seemed. She even invited me back to her place to watch a movie. We made out but nothing else happened, we cuddled and both fell asleep until the next day. When I got up I had to leave righg away for work but not before I told her how great of a night I had, she agreed and we kissed and I off. We talked for the next couple of days before I asked her out again, she said she would love to go out with me again. We set the date for the weekend.

This was Tuesday. I didn't get to text her all day Wednesday until the evening aeking how her day was but got no response. Thursday after noon I text again with no response. I decided to wait but nothing again so I text her Saturday asking if she was OK but again no response.

I waited about 4 days before deciding to finally call her, I honestly was worried. I didn't think she would pick up but after about 4 rings she answered and was like " hey! Haven't talked to you in a while, I'm sorry but would it be OK if I call you back later or tomorrow (it was already later int he evening) I'm saying goodbye to my sister before her trip". Me being surprised just said yes of course the she said " OK ill talk to you later its really nice to hear from you". Four days past and nothing, that Sunday I text her again just asking her hows she been but again nothing.

What can I do now? I know I'm suppose to just let it go but I really like this girl. If there's anything you can suggest it would be greatly appreciated .

Other details, when we went to her house and were deciding what movie to watch she said her favorite movie was cinderella since she was a child but her copy was scratched and she looked sad when she said that so I wne tand baught her a new copy of it. I was hoping to give it to her on the second date but doesn't look like that's happening. I have her address and was thinking of mailing it but even I know that's just to creepy lol.

Thanks for your help again


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  • Hi, I think you should stop texting her, you have done enough. There is a possibility that she did not like something about you during your visit in her house. It is possible that she thinks you are a good guy, not dangerous if she invited you to her place without knowing you well but also she is not attracted enough to continue the date. If you keep chasing her she will enjoy it, every woman likes that because this way we feel beautiful and attractive but also she will think that you are too easy and that´s not cool. I would personally get intrigued if you send me a short message saying : I wish you all the best in life, you are a good person, It was nice knowing you, good luck.

    This way she will understand that you are strong, you have an opinion and you have dignity.

    After that she will feel insecure and may be try to say Hi or even more. if she says Hi, don´r reply for few days.


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  • Awww that is romantic , well sounds lik you really like her if you brought her fav movie (its not creepybif you send it ...but since she hasn't made an effort to communicate with you I dnt see the point .

    Its reall werid that she hasn't seeing as it sounds the first date went well ... I'm sorry dnt think she interested(it also sounds like somthin came up ) good luck what ever you decide to do


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  • Forget about her, move on. Save yourself the trouble, if she would interested, she wouldn't be leaving you hanging so.

  • I had a very similar problem... I would stop sending messages and forget about her . its hard to do after someones shown lots of interest in you but its for the best. Some Girls need to learn to just say if they don't want to see someone again instead of just going silent and ignoring them..