How to stop being looked over by guys I date?

What are ways to keep a guy interested? I am 33 years old and still seem to have trouble doing that!

I have been told I am attractive, treat guys I date like gold (if anything I am too bloody nice) and not over weight or anything.

Just don't know what I am doing wrong. Maybe if I am a bit more of a hard ass that will work more. Shrugs. I feel like I keep on getting over looked for something better that comes along. Really getting over that!

I have been in 2 relationships before but this year it will be 3 years since my last one.

I don't mind being single hence the why I have not dated that much. I have only been out on 2 dates since the last break up. Just have not been bothered with it that much before.

But do miss the company of having someone around now and don't want to keep making the same mistakes if I am making any that gets guys I date from loosing interest.

Any tips or suggestions that I can do to improve on this and keep someone's interest?


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  • Simply go out a lot, and be more socially active.

    You simply aren't meeting the right guys. That's why you need to expand your social circle to find that guy fast and quick.

    • True. I am a bit of a home body which does not help. But do like doing my own thing a fair bit. Just wonder where all the good guys are hiding that's all. I thought the last guy I dated was a good guy. It just turned out he was leading me on for one thing. Sigh. Have the worst luck ever with them.

  • You probably just haven't met the right guy yet. Give it time... Most guys aren't that hard to please. Just treat them right and don't nag them to death, and the right guy will stick around. :-)

    • No I guess I have not met the right guy yet. It feels like I am waiting forever!

      The thing is I do treat them right and never nag at all. That is the most frustrating thing about the whole thing. They disappear regardless...

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