Do you think this guy is interested?

Advice needed for someone who has no clue about dating...

I met this guy two months ago on an online dating site - he messaged me twice before I responded which to me showed he was keen. He is usually the first to initiate conversations every one or 2 days and has called a few times - as opposed to constant texting.

He initiates all of our dates - the last date was our fourth and that was last Friday. I invited him over to my place for the first time and cooked him a superb 3-course meal (cooking is my passion). Thought I would impress him as I felt the need to show I was interested.

We kissed for the first time that evening after dinner - no funny business, just kisses and cuddling. Then he left and I didn't here from him for 2 days. Which is unusual as he normally texts as soon as he gets home.

So I left it, assumed he wasn't interested - or maybe I poisoned him with me food. So I moved on and went back online to continue dating. Then low and behold I see that he is online too. So I assumed he was definitely not interested. Not a problem, at least he didn't lead me on.

So on the Monday, I get a text from him asking if I'm OK. I replied the next day since I read the message quite late. I only texted him once then he replied without asking any questions. So I didn't reply again in case he was just being polite.

Then 2 days go by, and he goes quiet on me again, so now I'm starting to think about him more. So I text him to find out if he's OK. He got back to me straight away. Then in his last message, he ended it without asking a question again - very unusual. So I still replied with something but he hasn't responded.

Does this sound like a guy worth pursuing? As I said, I'm 30 and just getting back into the dating game after several years so forgot how downright frustrating it can be.


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  • It seems that he's not that interested in you very much.

    Simply find another guy.


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  • Hmmm, that does sound quite strange. Try talking to him a bit more, it feels like you guys are playing a game of cat and mouse, trying to figure out if the other is interested or not. I think if he contacts you again, you should just get straight to the point. Ask if he's interested and tell him you don't want to waste any time if he's not.

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