Are we broke up if being ignored

dMy boyfriend canceled plans on me yesterday to go do something with family actually all weekend he is busy with them. I said okay no problem but then he kept going on how he wasn't sure like debating in front of me what would be funner me or doing this thing with them. After a while it started hurting my feelings so I started to cry instead of crying on the phone I said I have to go I can't talk right now and hung up. He text me shame on you! and I said sorry I was just embarassed cause I started to cry. I said I completely understand the need to spend time with family I just miss you and felt disappointed. I said we can spend time together Sunday if you want. He had proposed that date to do something. Well he never text me back or called it is the next day and nothing I text silent treatment? and he text nothing and hour or so later I text if we are broke up please let me know and I will move on and not bug you and he still hasn't replied. I have never encountered this before? Are we broke up? should I assume so or should I break up with him I feel disrespected. But whatever is it okay to date others during a silent treatment? Not sure what the rules are

oh and to add this is supposed to be an exclusive committed relationship if it really is this is the worst boyfriend I have ever had
Actually found out from one of his "friends" he is a liar and a cheater and was cheating. It's officially over now because I ended it forever. Went on a date with someone else and had a great time and the new guy has asked me out everyday since we met to do something and calls and texts often. Plus he is a way better catch. So I don't know what retardos problem is but I am moving on it's his loss. I was being understanding he was being cold hearted so I am going with the friends theory.
The only thing I am confused about it last time we were out 4 nights ago his friend asked him is this love or temptation and he said love. Is that some guy code for I am not into her or does it mean what is says because seems like if you loved someone you wouldn't be so mean.
Talked to him today he said he meant nothing by this and was just trying to be friendly. He has already met someone he likes a lot and it will probably be an exclusive relationship even though before that was what he didn't want because he just got separated. He said we can maybe hang out if I want I said no I would respect his new relationship. Boy was I wrong oh well now I know the truth I am really glad he gave me that closure.


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  • It seems that he's just upset that you start being emotional that he's just spending time with his family instead of you. Though, there's nothing to worry about.

    He's just upset, and will soon start being lovey dovey with you again.


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