Dating: How to not make it awkward?

Im going out with a guy who was just talking to me for a minute the other night about books.. Anyway I don't know anything about him, not even his age (he looked older than me though).. So in case there's no chemistry, or he's way too old, how can I make it less awkward?

I've been on one dud date before and it was really uncomfortable so how can I diminish the awkwardness and what kinda things can I ask or say to get rid of the awkwardness? I'll take anything!


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  • Awkwardness is fine and even natural until you recognize the awkwardness and then become even more awkward then start to panic.

    So have a plan to avoid going into that state of panic in your head.

    One thing I suggest is to have some relevant questions ready:

    1) "I noticed that..." (if you remember any specific thing about him when you first met or specific thing relevant during your date)

    2) "So what were you doing at..." (whereever you met)

    3) "What do you do?" (boring question but decent fall back question I think)

    Hopefully the guy has some social skills and the conversation will drive itself so you don't have to ask him question after question.

    If you feel that he's not taking the lead after several of your questions, you can playfully say something like "aren't you going to ask me... (whatever question you asked him before)"

    The whole point of the first date is to see if you two are compatible socially.

    And it's absolutely okay to have an awkward date or even a bad date.

  • Why did you say yes to going out with him? there's no cure for a date that starts out under false pretences, I'm afraid.

    Al you can do is tell all the jokes you can think of during the date...anything for a laugh!


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