Confused and Need Expert GUY Help (But Gals May Benefit from This Too)

Longtime friend and I finally went out on our first date. Date ended up being 6 hrs at the restaurant. LOL He told me his whole family knew we were going out (I told mine too !) and that he used to have a huge crush on me years ago AND that back then his parents had hoped we'd end up together one day. (We've never been single at the same time until recently.) That date was 2 weeks ago. A little brief texting, but no follow-up date yet, though he mentioned wanting to do that again EVERY week.

I'm guessing that because he felt hurtful feelings all of those years ago, he's scared of going through that again. When he told me (again, all of those years ago), I was engaged to be married. If it weren't for that, I'd have gone with him in a heartbeat. Anyway, I have told him several times that I had a great time and wanted to go out again. I quit hinting and told him point blank. His flirting has now pretty much stopped. Now, I don't know WHAT to do. I really like this guy. Always have. He was never ever "friend zoned". Unfortunately, timing was never right before. After my divorce, I tried to find him. I did, but he was married, so I dropped it. Then, when we found each other again, I was in a long term relationship while he was single. FINALLY, neither of us are attached.

:heavy sigh again:

So, what the heck do I do now ? :(

Reposting from a comment I'd made on another question as my OWN question to see what answers I get from the masses.


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  • There's no way to struggle against fate. ! Obviously, what's done is done, and he can't overcome his feelings about past disappointments with you.

    It's time to move can't keep trying to relive the past.

    • But, why bring up that he told his family ? And, he was super excited, animated, and was his suggestions that a) the date keep going after dinner and b) mention going out weekly ?

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    • Yeah. We talked about a bunch of stuff. He wants to take things really slow because of a really bad past couple of hurts. Meeting up again next week. Very sweet time out again. Seemed extremely nervous though. However, I do feel better about talking.

    • Plenty of red flags here..keep your guard up. I'm not optimistic here...Sort of a rebound situation, I suppose

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