He seems interested, but do guys play hard to get?

I've been seeing this guy for about a month. We kissed/fooled around on our second date, slept together our third date and have had three more awesome dates since then.

We live almost an hour and a half from each other, so when he came to my apartment two days ago, he spent the night.

We went grocery shopping and I made us dinner, and we watched two movies. While I made dinner, he'd come up behind me and hug me and kiss my shoulder, and throughout watching the movies, he was so cuddly, kissy and affectionate.

We fell asleep cuddling and through the night he'd wake up and pull me closer to him. When we woke up, he pulled me into his chest and said, "good morning sunshine". We woke up, went to the mall for something, and he bought us coffee and grabbed my hand and we held hands throughout the mall.

(Haha I feel like I'm 18 being excited about holding hands at the mall...)

He left shortly after we got back to my place because of the long drive and he wanted to get to the gym before he worked.

That was at 1pm yesterday and I still haven't heard from him. I thought for sure he'd call or text me after he got done with work at 1am like he sometimes does, buy he didn't.

All signs point to him being interested, and by the way he treats me, I have nothing to worry about...so why hasn't he talked to me since he left my place? He kissed me goodbye when he left and I know he enjoyed himself.

I guess my main question is if guys play hard to get? Why would he start talking to me less after having six dates and him very obviously enjoying his time with me?


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  • As a guy I never play hard to get. I don't know if it seems I do or not but I try not to seem too clingy thinking it will drive a girl away maybe he is thinking the same as me? BUt I wouldn't worry too much about it.

    Also its nice when the girl initiates as well. don't make him do all of it!

  • He just have gotten busy. Give it time.

    It's just a day.


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