Going on a date with someone five years older?

I found out last night that he's 23 and I'm 17 (18 in July). We hardly know each other, just talked for a sec the other night and traded numbers. Anyway, is this age difference too wide of a gap? What if he's too mature for me? Should I just give it a try and go on one date?


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  • The main issue is not the 5 year age difference. That's not a big problem. My friend is 33 and is marrying a 24 year old woman, and I'm happy for them.

    The problem is that you are 17 and he is well above 18. I'm not just talking about sex, but other legal ramifications as well.

    Still, since you are a minor, you aren't responsible for that anyway. So, I say, if you want to, give it a shot.

    • Well if its illegal or whatever, I turn 18 in like a month or two so it's not a huge deal really. It's just the age difference that worries me right now cause I'm scared he's some sophisticated 23 year old lol and I'm just a kid going into college! I don't know what to even ask a 23 year old!

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    • SO do you think we'll be able to have smooth conversation? Or at least have fun with our conversation? Should I joke about TV shows or YouTube videos like I usually would, or would he not get that? And would he be mad if I joked about his age, cause I kinda wnana relieve that haha.

    • See what he's like first. Mature should never be an excuse for being boring. There should still be humor in the conversation, no matter what the age. Just show that you have a bright head on your shoulders and you're planning for the future, without making it look like you have a point to prove. And you can talk to him about the age difference if you want, as long as you're subtle not dramatic about it.

  • Most guys in that age range are not mature at all. I should know because when I was that age I was an idiot! You are probably at a good range - the only way to know is to try. Heck, you could even date a lot older than that and still be good. But five years is nothing. It all really depends on the two people. Girls in your age group are usually way more grown up than guys, but girls make up for it when they hit their late 20s and start to act like perv teen boys, ha ha.

    Go for it! If you find out he is too mature for you, which I doubt, then who cares? You tried and you can move on. It doesn't even mean guys that age are too old for you, just maybe that one specific guy was.


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