When is it OK to initiate a texting convo?

So I've been talking to this guy online for a couple of days, and last night I gave him my number and he then texted me and we started a conversation until we finally went to sleep. We had a pretty good conversation, and before I texted him goodnight, he said: That's good :) ill text you tomorrow or something?

So basically he hasn't texted me today, and I like him but I'm not sure what I should do... Should I text him(if yes what should I say?) should I wait until he texts me?

PS: I really need help because not only do I not want to sound needy and desperate, but I've never had a boyfriend or any kind of relationship with a guy and want to try and make this work...


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  • Send him a text as a joke that you toke your time to think about what he said " ill text you tomorrow or something? " and you think you are OK to text with him (use a smily face at the end ), In this case he will take it as a joke and start a conversation with you and beside that he will start to believe you have a good sense of humor .

    • so... texting him this is ok: ill text you tomorrow :) and then do you really think he'll really start a convo?

    • What about you send him " It toke me a lot of time to think about question to continue our conversation later and I think I am OK with it :P" .

  • You should really text him.

    It seems that he's just waiting for you to initiate.


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