Date practically doesn't talk to me anymore?

1 month ago I went on a dating website and met a lovely young women who approached me and we started talking which lead to us to start dating. We talked a lot in texting and then after one week we met up in real life and we both really enjoyed it. We hugged, hissed and held hands and it was really nice. But now it's just the opposite.

It's been 2 weeks now and I practically can't even get more than a sentence out of her anymore let alone a reply or message. It's like I'm talking to a brick wall now. I've tried different ways to get her to have a chat with me, and even tried asking if we're okay or if everything is good but she always says yes that things are fine but.. I don't think so. Something at the back of my mind is screaming at me that things are not right at all. Every time I've had this feeling it turns out to be correct which worries me..

She works some-what long hours at Ikea and she is going on holiday is a few days (which I'm happy that she is since she needs it) but.. I get seem to get anything out of her. I've asked to meet but she tells me she's busy none-stop or she's busy doing stuff. I like her a lot of I'm a patient person (I waited for somebody 9 months before..)

I'm not sure what I'm supposed to do anymore. She's not dating anybody else (not that I'm aware of) and she's told me she has really strong feelings for me but she wants to go slowly since her ex-boyfriend turned out to be a pedophile (yes got a major thing I know) .

I'm getting the vibe I'm getting slowly pushed away. I'm not a guy to abuse women in anyway. I was brought up to respect and care for women and treat them equally with respect.

What should I do? I really really like her a lot but.. with the current situation is confusing..

I also suffer from severe depression and social anxiety which I go to my doctor and take medication to deal with so this has added a layer on top of that since I'm being left in the dark..

Sorry about the message and if it looks sad or pathetic.. I've just never really met anybody that I properly enjoyed being with so.. it's just nice if she was the one..


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  • you don't sound pathetic, you sound like you genuinely care, and I think that's rare and beautiful these days. I really am not sure if she's busy or what. say you have strong feelings for someone hopefully, isn't something she would lie about, maybe tell her what you told us here? and explain to her that you like her alot, but your hurt and confused about where you two stand, and how she feels about you.

    • Aye I do care, I treat relationships serious and I'm fully committed to one when I'm in one. I believe in being honest in a relationship and what you're doing and feeling since honesty will guarantee a more happy relationship but it's hard to say from her end atm. Well I know she feels strongly about me and she knows I'm the same but the standing is almost like I'm now getting pushed away. It's confusing seeing as I'm more kind and gentle than nearly all the guys I've met. Maybe that is it hehe

  • Simply start hanging out with her again.

    It seems that she just have gotten busy.

    • Maybe however I'm not so sure. Tried ringing and texting buut no avail I'm afraid. I'll see what she wants to do after her holiday, if still nothing then I'll call it off. :)

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