I like her but I don't know

Ok, so I like this girl, have done for the past three months. But because of where we live, I haven't been able to see her in three months, not for the lack of trying.

To make up for not seeing each other, we used to text a lot, at the start she would text me first some days, other days I would start the conversations.

Anyways, she seemed to show an interest in me, so I asked her to hang out sometime just as friends, and she said no, then a month later, I tried again, again she said no, I should have taken the hint, but we when we talked we would share very private things with each other, and we were pretty close.

But then, she stopped starting the conversations, and everyday it would be left to me to text her. However, when we started texting it would be hours before we stopped.

Then she started to ignore me a bit, not answering texts until the next day or whatever, but I decided to go for it, to see what she would say, and I asked her out.

When I asked her out, I told her that I liked her, but she said not at the minute. So, that was that, we kept texting, it was awkward but after a while it got back to normal, although I had to start all the conversations.

But again, she started to ignore texts again, and what bugs me the most is that she never passed comment on whether or not she liked me, just that she wasn't up for anything past friendships with anyone.

Another thing that annoys me is, that sometimes she goes for dinner and she'll send a text saying "I'm getting dinner, I'll text after".

She never texts back. Anytime she sends, "I'll text after" she never texts back. Whereas a month or two ago, she would have.

What should I do? I feel like we're growing apart, and I hate the feeling. I'm thinking if I leave it for a week, and not start any conversations and see what happens. See if she'll start the conversations like before, or if she doesn't then it'll kind of confirm what I'm thinking : That anytime I text her I'm just disturbing her from doing something else, or that she just doesn't want to talk to me.


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  • it sounds difficult for you, I had a girl who I was mad about that did the same but she did it because she was now in a relationship and she wouldn't reply to my messages anymore, I know how much it hurts and I tell you that right now I am 6 months later and it still hurts but to be quite honest a lot less now, the only good healer is time, think about it before you act next, maybe she won't get hold of you, in that case take the hint I guess that she doesn't feel the same way, maybe cut your losses before you get to deep and get really hurt emotional like I did, let me tell you it hurt like hell, one day I woke up shaking I missed her that bad, I was a mess and I'd never want anyone to go through that, 2 things I can recommend to you is simply you control your own mind, if you are missing her and keep thinking about her and it hurt then think about something else or do something to take your mind off, its common sense really but honestly it helps, just start thinking of something, anything else, and also if its meant to be, it will be her that comes back to you, good luck


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  • The best thing you can do is confront her about not texting you and ask whether she still wants to be friends, or stop texting her altogether. If you stop texting her it will make it a lot easier to get over her and eventually you will which is a good thing since she doesn't like you back.


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  • It seems that she started get bored or she's really not interested in you.

    Simply find a better girl.