Interested in dating Asian men...?

Having spent a considerable amount of time in Asia last year, I realize that I find some Asians (physically) attractive (which in all honesty, I hadn't expected). Now that I'm back in the West- Europe most of the year, North America for a few months here and there- I'm unsure how I'd go about pursuing this avenue?

Most Asians that I know strictly date other Asians, and I was wondering if anyone had any suggestions for how to find/attract Asian men as a Caucasian?

Any tips on understanding potential cultural barriers to dating in this scenario would also be sincerely appreciated!


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  • we are suckers for pretty and cute face. we don't like overly flirtatious girls, and we should be the one courting you.

    • Okay...thank you. I'll just try and be patient I guess.

    • thank you miss for awarding me the best answer. you can flirt but the rule of thumb let the guy pursue you. it's a turn off in my culture if the girl initiates. best of luck ;-)

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  • Simply start meeting those Asian men.

    Not all men strictly wants Asian women. They also crave for women like you.


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