Is she blowing me off or leaving the possibility in the future?

A couple weeks ago, it was the first time I hung out with a girl. We didn't hang out for that long, but I think it went well and she texted me afterward and said she had fun.

Now two weeks later I texted her to hang out again, but this time she told me she was having a family picnic. And then she added that it would've been the perfect day because the weather was so good.

However that was it. She didn't offer an alternative time. See, the thing is, before we first hung out, it took me multiple attempts to get her to hang out. Even though she happened to be out of town those times, she always said "I'm around next weekend" or something to that effect. She didn't do that this time.

I'm thinking of just dropping it now. If she wants she can text me later to hang out. Otherwise, just let it go.


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  • This is how I am going with a guy at the moment. If she texts you often then avoids the subject of hanging out then she is probably way to shy. Maybe she had fun hanging out but is way too nervous to do it again. OR she doesn't want to be mean and say I don't want to hang out. I am kind of acting this way now with a guy because I really like him but he is way to good for me and I am too shy to hang out and also too nervous. But I've Lso done this with guys who I don't really want go hang out with but can't directly say it because I like him as a person

    • well she doesn't text often.

      Here's the thing. After we hung out, she texted me and said she had fun.

      Now, I asked her to hang out again. She said she couldn't, though said the weather was perfect to do so. However, she didn't offer an alternative day like she used to.

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  • Simply let her go.

    It seems that she's quite blowing you off.

  • You should really drop her.

    It seems that she's just leading you on, and doesn't have any interest in you.