Awful horrible night!!!

Ok...I know I have really high expectations, but I just started talking to this guy a couple weeks ago and want to know how everyone else would react or deal with this situation.

This guy and I have gone on a handful of dates and just kissed. He texts me everyday and initiates it so I do feel like he's interested. But last night he messaged me saying he was going out and wanted to meet up. So he messages me and says meet me at the ink. I pick up my old roommate of mine (the guy who introduced us, a buddy of his) and we head to the ink. We search the bar and he is no where to be found! I call him he says I'm at the padre and says I'm at the bar! We go to the padre, search the whole bar and still can't find him! Finally, after searching for an hour and texting him with the same response I'm at the bar! I kept saying no you're not I don't see you, and I searched the whole place! I got frustrated and messaged him saying screw off I'm going home! He then calls me saying I'll meet you out front! (Why couldn't he have done that earlier?) So I meet him out front and he's so drunk he can barely stand. By this time the bars closing so we leave. We start off toward my car which was parked a ways away and he's hollering out at people and hitting on random girls that walk by! I couldn't believe this! THEN we get to my car and I'm taking my old roommate home and the guy I'm talking to is sitting in the passenger seat with his hand on my leg texting away. I had the radio on and could hear him calling someone on speaker (hes smashed drunk still). I say, hey, you're calling someone, he says what? I grab his phone to show him and it says RUBY his EX! Holy cow! He refused to go in Justins house and had no way to get in his so I had to take him home with me and to his car the next day! I was so down and out today, I really thought this guy was a great guy but this night has dampered things for me! What would you guys do?


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  • Simply leave him.

    It's clear that he's just playing with you.

    That's really disrespectful of him.

    • Anytime other than that night I have hung out with him was very different. He has been over to hang and watch movies a few times, taken me to the movies, and gone out for a drink and he's very polite, kind of shy and sweet. Messages me everyday with "goodmornings" and sends me pics of stuff. So I'm not sure if the alcohol just brought out this wild side. Also, we just started talking a couple weeks ago and I have a crazy ex I actually just had to get a restraning order on who wrote the new guy

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