How can I block texts on the Galaxy S3?

My phone will not stop blowing up. I've downloaded everything I can find to try to remedy this but to no avail. I do NOT want to block calls from anyone, just texts. Every blocking mechanism I've found only allows me to block both, not one.

Please help? I just want a relaxing text-free weekend...


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  • Hey girl! I have the S3 and struggled to find a way how to block unwanted people from contacting me and with that phone it's easier to just download and app. I have the app called "Blacklist". You just have to play around with the settings a bit but it will allow you to just block texts if that's what you need. However you have to go through and select which numbers you want blocked so it could take some time if you typically get lots of texts from many different people.

    Here's how to do it:

    Download Blacklist and then go into the app. Look along the top of the screen. You'll see something that looks like a cube. Press on that cube.

    It'll open some options for you. Click on the red phone button that says "Blacklist." Then click on the plus sign at the top to add your contacts. Once you entered them, click on each contact and choose "Block SMS only" in the Block Option.

    Then go into the app's settings and un-check the notification boxes so that the app doesn't tell you when it receives a text.


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  • GoSMS has the option to blacklist a person from texting you. Just long press on their name to add them to the blacklist, or open up your settings, go into Advanced, Security Settings, Manage blacklist.

    I don't see that option available in the stock messaging app, so a third party option would be needed.

    • GoSMS is just another app that doesn't do what it promises. I added my friend to my blacklist then 10 minutes later recieved a text from him.

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