Should I wait for him to text me?

Okay so it's a little long, but this guy I like got my number last week and he texted me first, the conversation went on for a while from 9 in the night till 2:30 in the morning, the next day I texted him and again the conversation went on for a while, 10 at night till 2 in the morning. About 4 days past and we didn't text each other so yesterday I texted him but we didn't talk for long at all, it was for like 10 min and that's it, usually he would say goodnight to me or if we had an hour in between our conversation he would say something like "are you still awake" just to carry on talking but this time he didn't, so should I wait for him to text me and not text him first or what?

I'm 17 if that helps and he is too


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  • I wouldn't think much of it . he might have been busy or sleepy or just couldn't text much at that time for a number of reasons . I wouldn't text him back right now just wait a day or two and see if he text you back and I'm sure he will . I know its hard to wait but that is best because it shows that your not clingy and it will make him want to talk to you more . I would say tho if he don't text you or call by day 3 or 4 then I would text him and if he don't text back after that then something is up

  • Don't text him! You've already initiated two times! He's not that into you, sorry :(

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