Is it a good or a bad if a guy has very fixed ideas about how people should dress

I've only been out with him on handful of dates but on all of them he managed to make comments about clothes.

Not about my clothes in particular but how people dress in general. Like on the first date he said he really likes it when girls wear skirts(I did happen to), that we should wear them most of the time and you don't see skirts enough these days.

On the second one there was this woman with 4 kids and all 5 of them were wearing the same tracksuit and he was joking a bit about her sene of fashion.

On the third we came by some sports store and he joked that half of this town is getting all their clothes from there.

And on the third date we've just been to a store for 10 min in the womens section and he commented about how he thought most of the stuff looks the same as clothes of guys.

I don't mind so much because I agree with most of it but my friend he is probably very very traditional and I'm not sure if I want that


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  • I tend to think guys like this are pompous, on the obnoxious side and annoying but if you can tolerate him be my guest. I just know that would be a turn off for me because I don't like guys who are judgmental and have such rigid views about inconsequential things like what other people wear. Next he'll be criticizing you


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  • personally, I find that very strange. Most men I know wear clothes so they won't be naked, and what women wear falls into one of maybe 3 categories: okay, dear god, why, and HOT DAMN. It would make me feel weird if I got the sense that some dude was trying (however politely) to tell me what to wear. I wouldn't deal well with that at all, because that seems awfully controlling to me. I don't care for that at all, not even the hint of it.

  • Everyone has their own opinion...

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