Is this too passive-aggressive?

29yo boyfriend of 8months MIA for three days.

A week ago he got upset because I might not be able to see him on Easter day. But didn't even text me in the last two days.

Left him a Facebook message wishing a good Easter this morning. He saw it at 9pm. Didn't answer it. Saw him comment something at 11pm. Still no answer, apology, nothing.

Should I left him a "thanks for remembering me" message or would that be too passive-aggressive? I'm not a fan of this kind of drama, but I really want to scare him straight.


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  • random question, does Facebook notify you when the person reads your message? that's pretty messed up.

    • Hahaaha yeah, they got that setting a LONG time ago. I don't think you can disable it.

      When the person reads your message on the chat (or if the person at least opens your chatting "window") you'll get a "Seen x:xx pm" note on the bottom. It sucks when you're trying to avoid someone.

    • That's so dumb. Damnit Facebook...

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  • Sorry, I think he's the immature one here. I would just hold onto your pride and stay quiet until he apologizes to you for getting pissy over a scheduling conflict.

    • If you had a good reason, his sulking and ignoring you for days straight is emotionally manipulative/abusive IMO.

  • You're boyfriend is being too childish. Aha, the message you want would be fun XD, but he may still be angry and not want to talk to you, and become more silent if you send him the message. I suggest when you go back, talk to him in person so you guys could really communicate together.

    • I'd talk to him in person, if I could get him to meet me.

    • Haha, show up in his room and scare him like that! That way, he'll have no choice But to talk. LOL, I'm just joking about that, but he is your boyfriend, so eventually he would want to talk to you about this situation. If not, than I don't think he takes the relationship as serious as you do, but I think everything is going to turn out fine. Don't worry :)

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