Should I just call him?

A guy I met two years ago who used to live in the same city moved out of state. I met him while he was home visiting. Over the past two years, we have visited each other a couple times and go through periods when we talk almost everyday and periods when we only talk about once or twice a week. He has said before that if he was living here, we would be dating. He's even suggested that I move in with him on two different occasions. We have never officially been in a relationship for obvious reasons but we still hook up when we are visiting.

Just recently though, I tried calling him over the weekend and he didn't call back for almost a week. I usually don't mind when we don't talk for that long as long as neither one of us has tried calling the other.

When he called me 3 days ago, he acted like nothing was wrong and just started telling me a story or something which I interrupted when I asked him what took so long to call me back. then said he didn't even know that I had tried calling... but I had texted him the day before that and he never responded to that either! When he found out I was mad, he just said he would "let me go" and after a pause I started to say "alright" because I was at a loss for what else to say. but before I finished he hung up and I haven't heard from him since then. I mean I don't know if he honestly didn't get my phone call or if he is just lying for some stupid reason. If he is lying I don't want to keep things going. I have been lied to often in past relationships all for little things and that is the one of my biggest pet peeves. Also he did this once before and used the same excuse. It was when I needed information on my flight there and I flipped out on him when he finally did call, so shouldn't he know that it bothers me when he waits a week to get back to me? He is finally moving back here in 3 weeks which I have been looking forward to but there is still a couple things I am concerned over...

One- am I over reacting to this whole thing and if so should I wait for him to call me? He was the one to hang up afterall or should I just call him to talk about it? I just don't want to be that idiotic girl who believes every lie that guys tell her.

Two- regardless of this issue even though we have been making plans for the summer, we still haven't discussed what, if anything, is going on between us when he gets back as far as a relationship goes because I also wouldn't want to keep it going if he is just going to consider us friends that sleep over. Should I straight up ask him or just see how things play out once he is here?


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  • Call now or die a thousand deaths. You'll know soon enough if he's worth the trouble after he returns.


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