Online relationships- your thoughts?

What do you think about them? Would you ever consider getting involved with somebody you met online? (Not a dating site, I mean a forum like this, over a video game, etc.) Would you be willing to meet somebody in person that you initially met through such a medium?

I feel like for me to even consider meeting them it would have to involve many months of continuous contact and things like skyping each other. Some form of video communication. Even then I would still be pretty cautious. Then getting involved in a relationship with them would even be more serious so I feel like the chances are so remote. What about you?


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  • It can be good in certain ways. I know I feel a lot more comfortable talking online than I do in real life, so I'd be more likely to open up to that person, and there are things like Skype that allow you to see the person you're talking to. However, I've known people who were lied to while dating online, and you have to place a huge amount of trust in the person, which I wouldn't be able to do. Not to mention some people need that physical contact which would be absent that might put a strain on the relationship.

    I wouldn't completely rule out being in an online relationship, but the chances are very, very slim that I would consider it.


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  • I met someone I talked to online...and the funny thing is he lived a couple streets over from me (what are the odds?!) ...but anyways we Skyped before hand and talked for not that long really when we decided to meet

    • Ah yeah, I've done that. I meant more long distance, like over a thousand miles. Something like that. Thoughts?

    • I couldn't do that just because you wouldn't be able to seem them regularly...sure you could make visits, but unless someone moved it wouldn't last long for me

    • Yeah I understand, most people are the same way (including me when faced with the decision)

  • If we had been talking for a while I would consider it. I think its actually better than meeting on an online dating site since you would already share a common interest. Maybe start off casual like a coffee or a drink. Then get to know him better and see if we are compatible, sure why not.

    • I can understand that but what if the person is a decent distance away? (I often hear of people falling for others across the country or in another country.) That sort of kills any chance for a casual meet.

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    • The logical part of me says it doesn't make sense since there's so many other people out there that are closer. But there is some part of me that is willing to consider it if I feel I've truly found someone special. The relationship couldn't go on forever like this. After we have been together for a certain time period (if the relationship survives that long) we would have to move closer.

    • Yeah definitely. I mean if you're visiting and keeping in touch with everything going well, eventually one would have to consider relocating.

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  • You have to realize the dangers a girl might have to consider when meeting essentially a stranger. However if you think about it lets say you meet a girl at a bar exchange numbers and ask her out on a date, she still does not know you. You have to build her comfort level with you by doing things together that would not isolate you guys, something public like meeting for dinner etc. Online vs in person is different in that at least you can put a face to it, so I would say video chat is good, texting, talking on the phone, email etc. It is hard to meet girls unless you are in college, have friends who know single girls, go to clubs (not my scene) and through work perhaps.

  • I would really consider having an online relationship.

    It's one of the fastest growing relationship "scheme" and it works well for a lot of now-couples.

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