When you are trying to break it off with someone because of the pain of a long distance?

When you are trying to break it off with someone because of the pain of a long distance (still have feelings towards him and I've told him so. mainly wanted to break it off because I've discovered that he has recently started to seeing other girls. Never officially discussed the whole seeing other people bit but he doesn't like it when I talk about other boys. he's respectful enough to know that I don't like him talking about girls to me.

BACK STORY: I'm from the east coast, met him on the west coast during vacation. it started out as a whatever, hanging out with strangers all together. then we had an unexpected awesome nighttiming adventure in his city. I felt we were super compatible and he admitted so. we ended up having sex. we were cuddling and he was still smiling in the morning when we were napping. he suggested to keep in touch since I had to be on a plane and back home. since then, we've been texting each other for a month now. we've discussed about visiting each other during the summer but nothing's set, that's why I feel so insecure. also, the texting lately has become really slow and not frequent lately)

okay, back to the question:

but he replied with "I respect your desires but can I still message you once in a while to see how you are doing? Would that bother you?"

Does that mean he genuinely cares? Or he knows that I'll just be there for him... always even when he is just lonely and want someone to make him feel better? I've asked him why he's doing this (talking to each other) and why are we keeping the texting up since this situation is utterly hopeless... but he never was able to answer those questions. Am I being strung along? Am I being mind f***ed?


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  • It sounds like he's just trying to keep his options open.


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