Ladies: Would you rather date a guy who...

Now there are a few of these already out here, but mines a little more specific!

Would you rather date a guy who has a lifted F-150


Would you rather date a guy who has a nice Mustang GT with cervinis c300 kit

please give a simple one sentence on why too thanks!


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  • Lol wtf.

    We don't choose guys based upon inanimate objects, especially trucks.

    Maybe if you owned every Nintendo system ever made but that's the only exception.


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  • omgsh! that's so tough! I love wa guy with a truck! imma country girl raised in the south! but just to hear the engine of a mustang GT roar! huh! love right there! YUM! so I think after me think about this question for about 10 minutes... I have to pick The Mustang GT with Cervinis c 300 kit! lol that my choice because like I said a guy riding me around a a Mustang GT omgsh! yum! lol tough question!

  • Mustang. They are


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