He's Slowing down...is this a good sign?

Background: We met through a mutual friend, didn't know each other before. We've gone on four dates already in a week and our conversations have been flowing. He told me that he's never seriously dated, just hook ups in the past.

First date, he held my hand and we cuddled in the theater.

Second date: He kissed me with an open mouth and made the first move...ended up making out (just french kissing and some petting) on his bed.

Third date: Dinner and walk, lots of conversation, holding hands etc. When we parted he kissed me mouth closed and said he'll miss me.

On our fourth date, he held my hand and walked me back to my home. He asked me if I wanted to go back to his place but I was tired so I said another time. We kissed a few times in the rain, mouths closed (I would have been fine with french kissing). Later he sent a flirty text message.

I feel like he's slowing down...not as physically aggressive as before. Is this a sign he possibly wants a serious relationship and not just a casual fling?


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  • It seems like he wants a serious relationship but it's kind of hard to tell right now. See what happens as you go along


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  • Yes, it's pretty clear that he wants a serious relationship.


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