Should I pursue or move on?

I've a guy I go to school with for a few months. We have a lot in common like music, humor, TV shows, interests etc. About two months ago I left an anonymous love note in his locker saying that I like him but he never even notices me. He has a spillit thing and on it he wrote that I should text him right away and gave me his number. I texted him happy valentines' day . He was really sweet to me not wanting to tell him yet because I wanted to get to know him better. He flirted with me a lot and even played 20 questions with me for 2 hours at midnight.

About a week later I texted him again and at 4 am he texted me saying that he liked a girl and he never meant to hurt me and everything like that. I said that it was okay and he deserved to be happy even though I was crying all day.

I messaged him on Facebook asking him if I could talk to him the next day at school. I couldn't get the courage to do it in person so I messaged him again saying "What I wanted to tell you was that I was the person that left the notes and you were texting. I'm not sure if you knew it was me or not but I think that knowing is better than not. Yeah, so don''t worry I'm not expecting anything out of it." He responded back "I knew it was you, and that's why I couldn't bring myself to go up to you. I was scared of what would happen, scared of hurting you, and I kept making excuses to myself while you had the courage to actually say it.Damn I'm such a f***ing p****. I'm sorry. I'm really sorry.Im moving anyways too."

The thing is it was about a week ago and I still like him. A lot. He won't even look at me though and I don't know what to do. Should I keep at it or just move on?


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  • You should just move on.

    You deserve a better guy.


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