Guys, if a girl were to surprise you for your first date what would make it a good one?

what would be your ideal first date (this time of year)? what date would impress you? I met his guy the other night and want to go on a date, but not sure of what exactly to do, so I need some date/activity suggestions! Thanks :0)


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  • Definitely something sporty, my best first date ever was a bike ride on venice beach. Something active with a few breaks to talk about things. If he's a runner try a trail run and a pizza let him know your not going to get old fat and lazy. if not bating cages, putt putt, hike with a grill out at the park is my dream date, rock climbing, I took a girl to a gun range for a first date, its spring get outside.

    • I was thinking batting cages because he likes baseball and I need to get ready for my work's coed softball team. Putt putt crossed my mind and I'm actually decent at it (guys don't need that "let me win" front ha). Your dream date sounds nice. I like your ideas, thanks!

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  • A first date?

    Well, I wouldn't go smooching on a first date. Considering this time of year, you should find something semi-sporty to do together, that dosn't take too much effort. And when your taking a break from the activity, or after your done, when he least expects it, hold his hand passionately, look him in the eyes, and tell him you had a great time, then ask him if he did too. Then, before the two of you go back to your homes, let him start to walk away, then rush up to him and give him a hug.

  • everyone is different.

    i think if you are going to decide what you'll being doing on your date together, YOU need to pick something YOU would like to do (which a guy and girl can do together, of course)

    that way, he'll get an idea of what kind of girl you are, and your relationship can be based on honesty instead of pretending.

  • A coffee shop date always suits me.

    From there, I can get to know the girl better and it will make me decide whether to continue things with her or not.


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